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One Zero Brighton Launch

Join our mission to get as many homes in the area off fossil fuels as fast as possible. It's not only good for the planet, it gets control of your bills, and makes your home healthier to live in. 

Friday 14th June 7pm

Plus X Innovation

Lewes Road Brighton and Hove BN2 4GL

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We are looking to signup 1000 homes in the city for a home energy transformation.

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Get in the know

Come to our launch party to hear about our unique approach, simplifying home energy upgrades and upskilling local trades people to deliver quality systems. 


Help us to get as many people in the area thinking about how and why they should be getting fossil fuels out of their homes and literally taking back the power from the big six. 


And come and have some fun - after we share what we are up to we will have some music from local DJs.

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