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OZ team

We're a team of energy experts and digital nerds with a shared passion for getting homes off fossil fuels.

We have decades of experience in home energy transformation and we're building a movement that brings people together to get it done.

One of the biggest climate actions anyone can take is retrofitting their home. The best part? It makes homes more comfortable, cheaper to run, and healthier to live in.


Empowering homeowners

Today, it's too hard for homeowners to pick the right technology and find the right installer team. Our mission is to make that process as simple and enjoyable as possible.


Our secret? Community and trust. We connect teams of local installers with communities, minimising costs, emissions and waste.

That transformation is just the beginning. Communities around the world are already teaming up to sell their energy back to the grid. Onezero homes will be perfectly positioned to benefit from the sustainable energy grid of the future.

Come & meet us

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Get in touch to get us to launch a community energy event in your area.

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