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Start with solar

We love solar at onezero. In fact our founder bought his first solar panel in 1999 and has bought, installed and managed millions of them since those early days, for thousands of homes, schools, communities, businesses and even hundreds of solar farms. 


It starts with solar, because when you generate energy on your roof it changes everything. Becoming your own power station, helps your home to import a lot less power from the grid and can save you loads of money on your bills.


We can work out what will fit on your roof and how much it will cost you and save in about 10 minutes - so why not reach out. 

Only the best

We picked the top two solar companies in the world to work with, quality, longevity, warranties:


Batteries make it add up

Solar is great - but yes you are right it doesn't shine at night. That's where batteries come in. They store the energy you are generating in the day so you can use it at other times. In the winter when you are not generating so much from you solar, you can charge the battery at off peak times and save importing expensive energy in the day. 


Batteries have come down in cost hugely in the last few years so it really makes sense to generate and store your energy at home, its cheaper than buying energy from your utility.

Quality solar storage

We work with energy products we think are well made and really reliable.


Insulation is a no brainer

If your house isn't insulated properly all that heat you pump in to keep it warm in the winter just leaves again. As much as 25% through the roof and 35% through the walls. Yes you read that right - 60% of your heating bill could well be spent heating the outside.

But don't worry we have options to stop this!


We can cover your loft with a lovely blanket of UK grown hemp, hmm, which stops most of that loss and also locks a bunch CO2 in your loft at the same time, so you can feel really warm, snug and smug about doing your bit for the planet. Good for you!

Your walls can also be insulated and we work with specialists to work out what and how.

Naturally insulated

Whatever you heat your home with, it will be cheaper to do it once it's been insulated.


Heat pumps to kick out gas
(they are a bit like magic)

Heat pumps are a bit like magic. They are radically more efficient than your current oil or gas boiler - that wastes at least 10% of the energy that goes into it. The older boilers the more it wastes!


A well sized heat pump on the other hand will produce 3-5 units of heat for each unit of electricity you put in! Most of us already have a heat pump in our home - it's called a fridge. Heat pumps draw small amounts of heat out of the air or the ground and then use that to provide heat for your home. 

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