How do you work out what can happen to my house, and how does it work?

We draw on publicly available information about your home like google earth data and match it with systems we have selected and designed that we know work on properties like yours.

If I like the look of the systems what’s next?

We need a few pictures of your home and a copy of your bills to verify your system designs and to produce a more refined offer. If you are happy with that we will arrange for a detailed face to face survey with one of our project leaders - who would actually be leading your job. They would agree any variations, the placement of different elements and answer any questions you might have about the systems we are proposing.

Do you offer Warranties?

We do offer warranties for our installations - two years on the workmanship which is industry standard, plus an insurance backed warranty to give extra comfort. And of course we pass on manufacturers warranties, 12 years on the battery and inverter and 25 years on the solar panels and mounting frames that attach them to the roof. Our insulation partner also provides warranties on their work too.

What kind of recommendations will I receive, and how will they benefit me?

You will receive a bundle of measures - like solar PV and battery, insulation and heat pump, that have been sized for your home and that are designed to reduce your bills and increase your comfort levels. We will also make recommendations around finance options too - so if you are worried about funding these projects we can help with that too.

How do you determine the best energy-saving devices and services for my home?

Firstly some of our team have spent years working on home energy retrofits and we have selected a range of products from suppliers that we know and trust. Secondly we look at your home and what you need, to find the optimum system for your situation. Our thought process is how do create the best energy and bill savings for your home with the least investment. As such, loft and cavity wall insulation along with solar and batteries are high on our list. Finally our approach is that we are aiming for an 80% improvement in your home energy consumption and comfort levels - delivered for 30% of the cost of a whole home retrofit.

How do you ensure that your recommendations are trustworthy and reliable?

The products available are constantly changing and we are making sure you have the most up to date and reliable ones from the most credible manufacturers. We work with local trades to develop their skills, and support them through the process of delivering your project. The designs are done by us and the delivery is warranted by us as well.

What is white-glove service, and how does it help me?

Home energy retrofits are actually quite complex projects. They often involve multiple contractors and disciplines - plumbers, roofers, electricians and builders. They also involve different systems which don't necessarily work together naturally. Our white glove service takes the pain out of the process, guiding you to the most cost effective choices and delivering an integrated system at the end of it. Cool hey!

What is a Virtual Power Plant and why would I want me home to be part of one?

Our homes are going to be at the centre of the energy system moving forwards - rather than just being at the end of the pipe. As we electrify our homes and add more renewable energy to the grid, being able to store energy, drop our homes off the grid and control major devices like heat pumps and EVs will become an essential part of managing energy supply. Bundling a bunch of our homes together and being able to control whether they need energy or can absorb excess energy at a particular moment will become a very valuable. This is known as a Virtual Power Plant. We are focused on delivering systems that can be joined together to leverage these benefits now, and that will make your home fit for the future. We are also looking at ways to generate income from your home energy system, balancing the grid in times of high energy costs.

What is Islanding?

Islanding is the ability for your home to still have power when the grid goes down. It's a great feeling when the rest of your street is blacked out to still have the lights on and be running off your stored solar energy. With grid instability on the increase, it's smart to have a home that can cope with blackouts.