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  • How long does it take to conduct an Energy Review, and how do I get started?
    For electricity - all you need to do is send us your bills and address and we can get started. For heat - we will need a couple of hours in your home. Click here to start your Energy Review.
  • What is an Energy Review, and how does it work?
    A Onezero Energy Review has two parts to it: Electricity and Heat. We start with electricity - all we need is a recent bill, confirmation that we have an accurate satellite image of your property's roof and a picture of your existing electrics. With that, we can work out your home's potential for generating and storing electricity, and how much you can save. A heat review is a bit more complex, and involves looking at bills, a physical survey of insulation and building fabric. It may need an airtightness test and/or leaving sensors in your property. We come back with a set of recommendations as to how to improve your home's thermal performance and electrify your heating system. Onezero is currently offering electricity reviews, and will be offering heat reviews from Autumn 2023.
  • What kind of recommendations will I receive, and how will they benefit me?
    You will receive a bundle of measures - like solar PV and battery, insulation and heat pump*, that have been sized for your home and that are designed to reduce your bills and increase your comfort levels. We will also make recommendations around finance options too - so if you are worried about funding these projects we can help with that too. *coming Autumn 2023
  • How do you determine the best energy-saving devices and services for my home?
    Our team have spent years working on home energy retrofits and we have selected a range of products from suppliers that we know and trust. Once we have data from your Energy Review, we recommend a system that provides best energy and bill savings for your home with the least investment. We only recommend hardware and components that score highly on reliability, performance, usability and cloud integration.
  • How does the installation process work?
    Home energy retrofits are actually quite complex projects. They often involve multiple contractors and disciplines - plumbers, roofers, electricians and builders. They also involve different systems which don't necessarily work together naturally. Our installation service takes the pain out of the process, guiding you to the most cost effective choices and delivering an integrated system at the end of it. We coordinate local tradespeople to deliver your home energy system, and provide you with a single team lead who will be your point of contact. Our handover process includes training and support on the physical and digital interfaces for your system, helping you optimise your system for your home's needs.
  • How do you ensure that your recommendations are trustworthy and reliable?
    The products available are constantly changing and we are making sure you have the most up to date and reliable ones from the most credible manufacturers. We gather feedback from homeowners and tradespeople to continuously verify and update our recommendations. We work with local tradespeople to develop their skills, and support them through the process of delivering your project. The designs are done by us and the delivery is warranted by us as well.
  • What is a Virtual Power Plant?
    Our homes are going to be at the centre of the energy system - rather than just being at the end of the pipe. As we electrify our homes and add more renewable energy to the grid, the ablility to store energy, drop our homes off the grid and control major devices like heat pumps and EVs will become an essential part of managing energy supply. A group of homes with solar and battery storage can be co-ordinated to relieve pressure on the grid at peak times. As this saves grid operators from accessing extra power (often from fossil fuel burning power stations), they are referred to as Virtual Power Plants. Homeowners across the world are already getting paid for being part of a VPP. We only delivering systems that can be joined together to leverage these benefits, and that will make your home fit for the future.
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