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Who We Are

We're ONEZERO and we are on a MISSION 


We have created OneZero as we are not going to wait any longer for someone else to solve the problems caused by our old and polluting housing.


Our diverse and creative team has decades of experience transforming homes into ecohomes and now we are excited to do it in a way that brings lots of people together on that journey. At a scale that no-one believes is possible, but is surely necessary.


We have skills and passions in community organising, regenerative culture, powerful storytelling, the nuts and bolts of policy making, and deep reverence for indigenous wisdom. We truly believe we can live in ways that are in harmony with the planet and each other. 


We are stubborn optimists that want to apply our experience to help lots of people benefit from this opportunity of transformation, linking communities around the world in this process, and helping success in one area of the world feed into success in another. 


Climate change can be daunting and depressing, but we are convinced that playing our part in solving it can be empowering and connecting - especially when we work together as communities to lead the way. Imagine the celebration in your town, estate, or neighbourhood, as we massively reduce local pollution, fix your bills and make your home healthy. Our team will work with your community to get to that celebration event and beyond. 


So this is an invitation to join our movement of people who are stepping up together. Let’s make this a decade of transformation.


Howard Johns - holding the vision

Howard has founded and led an award winning solar business, a pioneering community-owned energy company, and written a guide book to help others to do the same. He has campaigned on energy and climate issues from inside parliament and atop treehouses, and currently runs a large fleet of solar projects across the EU and UK.

Lauren Cooney - telling the story of what's possible

Lauren is a cultural-changemaker, storyteller and filmmaker, whose short films have premiered at Oscar and Bafta qualifying festivals. She is a trained alternative coach, co-founder of GASM sexual wellness app, and is passionate about using tech to tell better stories about ourselves, our lives, and the world we live in.

alex fleetwood headshot_edited.jpg

Alex Fleetwood - is a game designer, creative director and entrepreneur. He has founded two augmented reality games companies, both of which gained global recognition for innovation and creativity. Sensible Object (his most recent company) shipped the acclaimed title Beasts of Balance, winning multiple awards and retailing in Apple Stores worldwide. Sensible Object was acquired by Niantic in 2019, where he served as Head of Studio, Niantic London. He left Niantic in 2021 to pursue a career transition to climate tech. 

Leif Elgethun - Leading US development

15 years full stack clean energy engineer and serial eco-entrepreneur, founding 5 profitable companies with 2 exits, and most recently a venture backed energy efficiency software startup focused on commercial buildings with customers on 4 continents, personally developed a 1GW solar pipeline with sold 360MW, community and industry thought leader, father, and gravity sports athlete.

Leif Elgethun 1.jpg

We need neighbourhoods to come together to make this happen.

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