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The Why

Let’s get down n’ dirty with some of The Facts.


Then you can see for yourself how working with OneZero is just about the most empowering move you can make, to create a healthier-happier world.

Did you know that buildings contribute nearly 40% of global carbon emissions?


The good news is that we can do something about it. 

Decarbonizing buildings is one of the cheapest and most promising solutions to climate change. 90% of building-related emissions could be avoided through better building designs, and through the use of efficient appliances, water, lighting, and cooling systems. Match this with renewable energy supply, and we’re laughing.

Tell me more!

If you want to know why powering your home is so expensive, have a look at the system that creates it.

60% of the energy that is put in at the start, goes straight up the power station chimney as waste heat. Bye bye!


Every time we turn up the thermostat or turn on a light switch, fire is igniting to make it all happen.


Huge plumes of C02 rich smoke follow us in all we do. But in many countries we have just got better at hiding it.

Our planet has given so much, but now she’s on her knees, and I don’t know about you, but no-one in the OneZero team fancies a trip to Mars.

This current energy system powering our homes has got us this far, but it was never built to be sustainable.


We're ready for something new.


We need neighbourhoods to come together to make this happen.

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